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Expert Services

Expert Services from Prosirius (Pty) Ltd is where our team of experts make your “dream collaboration rooms” come to life. Our bespoke network, application and API interoperability programs are unsurpassed.

  • Cisco Partner Premier Certified
  • Control System Programming
  • Open API Integration
  • Software Application Integration
  • Collaboration Network Optimization
  • Solution Architects CAD Design
  • WhiteGlove Remote Concierge

If you can imagine it, there’s a really good chance we can make it happen.

Contact Us to start working on that uniquely special collaboration system you’ve always wished for , but never thought was possible.

Featured Services…

COLNEX EasyConnect

COLNEX EasyConnect is a bespoke infrastructure platform designed by our team specifically for optimal quality of experience and secure, easy to use video conferencing especially where different software applications and platforms [...]


Control System Programming by Prosirius (Pty) Ltd. gives you the best automated user experience in all your meeting rooms and with seamless integration into your existing BMS platform. [...]


Let our team of experts help you to take full advantage of the open API integatration capabilities of your other systems and automated processess.


Infrastructure Services by Prosirius (Pty) Ltd specialize in optimizing your networks for voice and video conferencing, for digital signage and streaming applications. Our services and focus points for enhancing the quality [...]


SkyRooms is a flexible, scalable and agile virtual boardroom service that provides our clients with a hassle-free personalised click-to-join fully-collaborative cloud-based virtual meeting room environment with powerful content sharing and recording [...]

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