Prosirius (Pty) Ltd has for the past 20+ years partnered with the worlds leading brands to provide our customers with the latest “cutting-edge” technologies and widest possible range of globally accepted high-quality hardware devices & processing components.

Our brand partners are carefully selected to ensure that supply chain standards and expectations concerning technical support, product expertise and turn-around times are met to guarantee the best possible customer experience

The technologies specified in our designs take certain critical elements into consideration, such as reliability, security, scalability, interoperability, redundancy, automation and sustainability.


CODECS & GATEWAYS: The video conferencing and collaboration technologies landscape has changed significantly with the prolific introduction of soft codecs for BYOD, BYOC and fixed “soft-codec” Boardroom PC’s . We’ll help you leverage your existing hardware investment and navigate into the digital hybrid workspace with native integration into Microsoft Teams, Google Meet and almost any other platform.


USER INTERFACES: We provide an extensive selection of intuitive Graphic User Interface devices for any imagineable application in boardrooms, kiosks or biometric access-control. Keep it really basic or take advantage of our built-in, feature rich components such as DSP voice + playback audio, 4K video cameras, BYOD interfaces and smart technology peripheral attachments to suit your operational requirements 


BIG SCREENS: Whether you prefer pixel-perfect LED, large format displays or laser projectors for your video-wall, boardroom or digital signage display applications, we’ll definitely have the perfect solution for you. Our team will take care of the entire solution design, supply and implementation process. We have a unique range of custom mounting systems for easy installation & maintenance access.


INTERACTIVE DISPLAYS: Touch displays are more intuitive, more engaging and more effective when it comes to to collaborative communications in the hybrid workspace, conducting a webinar, or digital signage. Our solutions can be set up as portable or fixed systems in a variety of landscape, portrait or continuous-canvass configurations, housed in a variety of cabinetry for custom applications


DIGITAL AUDIO: Audio is likely one of the most over-looked components of the modern workplace with amplifiers microphones, speakers, conference phones and other audio peripherals evolving into the digital realm. Prosirius has the skills and expertise to specify, install and perfectly calibrate the absolute best digital sound processing (DSP) technology solution for any size room with easy configuration and remote management tool-sets.  


USB DEVICES: There are thousands of USB peripherals & devices available for use in today’s hybrid workspace, all of which come with interoperability limitations that could effect optimal functionality. We’ll ensure that your systems are compatible with all of your other devices, with integrated systems and company security policies, to deliver optimal operational performance and are able to be remotely provisioned,  managed and supported

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