Our friendly and highly responsive services team provides you with the Ultimate User Experience through our broad selection of support solutions to ensure that your entire communications and collaboration eco-system is perfectly tailored, optimized and supported for your specific requirements.

Take advantage of our 20+ years experience, catering to every aspect of our clients communication & collaboration needs on any scale with our end-to-end customizable range of services 


REMOTE SERVICES: Our Remote Managed Services (RMS) team provides live, & proactive realtime remote support to several of our countries leading global enterprise corporations.

Business and users will enjoy invaluable benefit from our wealth of experience and understanding of the security protocols, service etiquette and standards of technical support required to operate efficiently in the hybrid workspace.

Our mission is to ensure that the User Experience (Ux) remains at optimal level regardless of geo-location. Our RMS suite offers standard or tailored SLA packages on a short, medium & long-term contractual or ad-hoc basis.

  • Pre-meeting connectivity quality and diagnostic checks with participants
  • Proactive live monitoring of meetings for instant technical support and implementation of failover strategies.  
  • Remote participant technical & concierge support
  • Reporting on facilities usage, hardware status, as well as network functionality, security and bandwidth. 
Take this service for an obligation-free limited trial period and experience what its like to have hassle-free collaboration sessions every time you meet with your collegues and clients.


ON-SITE SERVICES: We’ve provide Onsite Managed Sevices (OMS) resources to a number of major corporate companies over the past 20+ years.

This service is better suited to companies that require dedicated on premise resources for focused in-room and remote support with “white-glove” technical and administrative services specific to your companies collaboration devices and operational model.

Our on-site technical & administrative facilitators are trained to ensure that your users are always well taken care of from a technical and administrative perspective.

Our OMS suite offers standard or tailored Resource + SLA packages on a contractual and limited, conditional ad-hoc basis.

  • Pre-meeting connectivity call-quality, diagnostic and remedial checks with participants.
  • Proactive live monitoring of meetings for instant in-room technical support and implementation of failover strategies.  
  • On-site and remote participant technical & concierge support
  • Reporting on facilities usage, hardware status, as well as network functionality, security and bandwidth. 
  • Monitor, manage and control maintenance cycles, firmware updates and network infrastructure


MAINTENANCE AGREEMENTS: Our preventative maintenance agreements cater to our clients that simply need the occasional on-premise system health-check to physically check the condition and “functional health” of each of their meeting spaces

For this service we arrange regular, pre-scheduled site inspection visits suited to your preference at weekly, monthly or quarterly intervals , during which *quick-fix/1st line repairs will be performed at no additional cost.

These are some of the checks we’ll perform we’ll perform during our visit to each site:

  • Quality of audio & video 
  • Condition of cabling & reticulation
  • Firmware versions of devices (No updates will be made without prior consent) 
  • Network QoS, functionality & provisioning test
  • Projector lamp hours  
  • Videowalls and mounted/mobile display units
  • User interfaces (GUI’s)

We’ll provide you with a full status report and a high-level summary and preemptive recommendations.


TRAINING & SUPPORT: We know that achieving optimal user-adoption and traction throughout business units is essential from a user experience and faster ROI perspective, especially in the hybrid workplace where congruency between communication technologies could experience intermittent periods of disruption. 

To this end… we’ll ensure that your users receive the individual training and personal technical support they need.

We provide 3 month’s limited free user training + user-guide documentation at the hand-over phase of each installation as a standard, but there may be a need for occassional refresher or new-user training and updates regarding support-channel information.

Our call-center support team members are knowledgable and friendly, providing your users with a personalized 1st line remote-support service and they’ll gladly assist in terms of coordinating and scheduling in-person, on-site user training for your team, billed at an hourly rate.

Note: A component of our initial 3-month user training includes first-line  diagnostics & repair technical skills-transfer for a designated in-house IT support technician.


SOLUTIONS DESIGN: Our solutions architects are amongst the best our country has to offer.

We‘ll work with you and your team to craft custom solutions tailored to meet your specific needs and that are agile, scalable and operational efficient, regardless of scale.

We engage at the conceptual phase with your projects teams, engineers, electricians, architects and space planners and provide you with a comprehensive solutions proposal with motivational information. 

If you’re happy with the proposal, we’ll move on to the demonstration, then proof-of-concept (POC) phase for you to experience the solution in your own environment.


AUTOMATION:  Effectively & accurately monitoring, managing and controlling your communications, collaboration and other facilities assets, especially within todays geologically dispersed and technology diverse hybrid workplace.

Automating the interaction process between devices and platforms for the best user experience, bulk provisioning and streamling operations is essential, as is the need to accurately consolidate key performance analytics for planning purposes.

As a Crestron Elite partner, our team has the certifications, experience and skills necessary to design and program an automated solution that meets your specific requirements. We also have extensive experience with AMX, Extron, Kramer etc.  


SERVICE LEVEL AGREEMENTS: We’ve paid attention to the evolving needs of our clients and over the past 20+ years in the collaboration technology services industry also gained 1st-hand knowledge of exactly what real workplace challenges are faced on a daily basis and how best to address each of them.

To keep things simple and satisfy most operational and budgetry requirements, we’ve carefully crafted our standard Silver, Gold & Platinum service level packages that speak directly to the needs of communication & collaboration technologies.

There will however always be a demand for tailored SLA’s and with many of our clients having unique operational service and support requirements that need to evolve with changing business workflows, we’ve structured our SLA’s to be agile, adaptive and highly effivcient.

We’ll gladly perform a no-cost audit of your existing communication & collaboration technology landscape and put forward a no-obligation motivational proposal with recommendations based on our findings.

Our objective is to get you set up with the best price vs performance ratio and the ultimate user experience


PROJECT MANAGEMENT: Prosirius is proud to have the best project management team in the industry, providing our clients with advanced end-to-end services that make any project involving communication & collaboration technology an absolute breeze. 

We’ll work with you from the design phase through to completion, attending project meetings keeping you informed all the way with regular progress, incident and potential-hazard reports.

Our consultation services include providing CAD drawings detailing best-practice recommendations regarding room treatment (lighting + acoustics), cable reticulation, screen positioning, power, network points and the placement of user interfaces and maintenance access within the cabinetry configuration.  

Our certified projects team will partner with yours, engaging directly with engineers, architects, space-planners and interior designers to ensure that milestones, deadlines and implementation standards are met.

Our health & saftey compliance received an independent evaluation rating of 98% and is a large contributor to us being awarded a number projects in the highly regulated petroleum and mining sectors.

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