Technology is evolving at an unprecedented rate, as is the number of feature-rich hardware devices and software applications currently being released into the market. 

Being able to effectively decide on which of those technologies or applications is the best financial and operational fit for your company from an integration, ROI, security, scalability and management perspective is key to forming a solid roadmap 

It’s often the case that feature-sets between devices are duplicated or have interoperability limitations with other devices that form part of your communication & collaboration architecture.  

Our hardware devices & software solutions are hand-picked, using our 20+ years experience we ensure you get the best price/performance ratio from your investment along with the world’s best-of-breed brands and truly exceptional after-sales support. 

We’ve always been proud of our “can-do” approach and will always do our utmost to satisfy every customers specific operational needs or customization requests – there are however a few industries that we focus on as our set of core competencies.     


COLLABORATION SPACES: We provide end-to-end digital audio-visual technologies, user-interfaces, implementation & support services and network infrastructure for every possible collaboration space, from huddle rooms to lecture theaters and auditoriums. We’ll help you leverage your existing investment and navigate your way through the digital transformation process with native integration into the likes of Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex & Zoom


DIGITAL SIGNAGE: Whether you’re in retail or corporate communications, our extensive range covers all aspects of your digital signage landscape, such as media players, content design & distribution, cloud-based monitoring, management, control and AI based analytics. Enquire about our unique smart-glass, large format video-walls, touch interactive displays, IOT & intelligent merchandising technologies and other custom-built solutions.    


EDUCATIONAL SPACES: The educational sector has widely adopted the hybrid distance-education model. We’ll help you navigate the galaxy of USB peripheral devices – network infrastructure and telemetry challenges to structure an integrated educational technologies eco-system that’s reliable, user-friendly, easy to support and seamlessly interoperable & compliant with your existing devices and infrastructure.


COMMAND & CONTROL: The C4-SCADA sector demands nothing less than accurate, optimum performance and security levels on all tiers of their communication and collaboration architecture. We provide and implement specialized end-to-end solutions that comply with global standards and emphasize accuracy, reliability, security and uptime, with our industry-specific displays, devices, gateways and user interfaces.


HEALTHCARE & MEDICAL: Our world-class DICOM compliant screens and user interfaces provide exceptional crystal-clear image quality for your PACS radiology and diagnostics systems. Whether you’re in theater or performing remote procedures, also ask about our comprehensive range of modality, interactive or surgical robotics monitors.


INDUSTRIAL & AGRICULTURAL: Our rugged range of industrial-grade user interfaces, monitors and displays are purpose-built for use in industrial applications such as factories, marine, agricultural, construction, oil & gas, automotive and mining applications with best-in-class dust & water IP ratings for those challenging environments.


CORPORATE WEBCASTS: We provide a comprehensive suite of webcasting solutions and services. Whether you’d like a permamently installed fully equipped production studio with green-screen, lighting rigs, automated camera systems, audio mixing, streaming and editing facilities or simply an ad-hoc mobile pop-up system, we’ll have the solution for you. We also provide daily equipment rental facilities.


INTERACTIVE KIOSKS: There are thousands of use-cases when it comes to interactive kiosk solutions. What sets us apart is our ability to customize the cabinetry and consolidate existing facilities software application platforms, i.e. visitor management, catering, ticketing, HVAC and access control etc. bringing them all together on a single pane of glass to optimize your hardware investment.


FACILITIES MANAGEMENT: Digitizing, automating, consolidating and integrating your facilities environment for remote management, control and analytics can become a complex and daunting prospect when you’re working across campuses or on a global corporate scale. Our range of IoT sensors, devices and API-integrated software solutions catering to every aspect of managing your facilities estate with real-time diagnostics and seamless integration into BACnet & MS Exchange.


ROOM TREATMENT: Effective room treatment has always been important for optimal lighting and sound quality, but has also recently become especially vital for the sake of privacy in meeting spaces. Our range includes smart-glass and glass-film cloaking technology that blocks out only the information being presented on the rooms LCD displays and from an audio perspective we have a vast selection of customizable noise-block & digital sound masking technologies

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