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Digital Signage

Digital Signage by Prosirius (Pty) Ltd features in the office spaces and hallways of several of the countries leading enterprise companies, with some of our technologies being “first in the world installations” due to our innovative “out of the ordinary” approach.

Our creative solutions are extraordinary designs that make our customers branding and corporate communications stand out with crystal clear audio and ultra high definition video.

  • Large Format or Standard Displays
  • Any Size Display or Aspect Ratio
  • Signage Network Infrastructure
  • Signage Software Applications
  • Content Creation & Distribution

Contact Us or chat via WhatsApp at the bottom right of your screen to discuss the perfect end-to-end solution for your corporate or retail advertising video communications requirements.

Featured Solutions…


The Datapath Fx4-HDR builds on the success of its award winning Fx4 and x4 predecessors and brings the superb HDR 10-bit colour clarity, 4K60 resolution as well as audio support into [...]


DC Media supports a widge range of content formats including images, video, HD video, RSS scrollers, XML, Twitter feeds, live TV, HD live TV, Microsoft Office documents, PDF, IPTV streaming and [...]


PADS4 is a powerful all-in-one digital signage platform. Transform data sources into smart and versatile display communication, including corporate communication, passenger information, wayfinding and advertising. Make the most of digital signage [...]

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