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Prosirius is committed to the upliftment and empowerment of previously disadvantaged individuals as a 51.00% black owned and a Level 2 B-BBEE contributor, with a Procurement Recognition Level of 125%.

We believe that education is the key to true long-term empowerment.

The Khazimla Education Trust holds 51% of total company shares, to promote economic transformation and provide a mechanism whereby previously disadvantaged individuals can benefit from education by well-established and recognized educational institutions.

The Khazimla Education Trust has been established with the sole purpose of finding the bright stars of the future from previously disadvantaged communities and assisting them in breaking the cycle of poverty by funding their education (at all levels) at well-established and recognized primary, secondary and tertiary educational institutes in South Africa.

Preference will be given by the trust to spend more than 50% of its funding on females.

We also partnered with The Horizon recruitment agency to assist new job entrants to adapt to their new work environment and deal with the challenges and pressures of the workplace.