The new AMP-X300, now shipping, and AMP-X50MP, shipping March 31st are modular, rack-mountable high-performance audio amplifiers that answer the need for a powerful, cost-effective, and ultra-versatile solution for meeting spaces and classrooms of all sizes.

The unique modular design makes it super easy to configure and it ships with everything required to enable surface mounting, rack mounting, and ganging multiple units together. The AMP-X300 is a ½ RU versatile workhorse allowing 2 and 4 channel configurations, is 8-ohm/70-volt/100-volt switchable, all while providing 50% more power at less cost than the previous generation. The 4 channel AMP-X300 delivers 75 w per channel. If more power is required, it can be bridged to deliver 150 w per channel. Similarly, AMP-X50MP provides great versatility and punch in a ¼ RU formfactor. It is capable of 25 w per channel into 8-ohm, or 50 w into a single 70-volt/100-volt channel.

Thanks to their versatility, you can stock just one of these amps and know it will meet the requirements for the majority of situations you’ll encounter. Better still, up to four of these amps can be ganged together in a single rack space and all of the mounting hardware you could possibly need is included.

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