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Prosirius offers a highly effective suite of remote and on-site managed services. Our on-site service offering provides well-trained on-premise resources who ensure that all equipment is tested pre & post usage, whilst also taking care of every other aspect of the video conferencing and boardroom audio-visual presentation environment, including preventative maintenance and redundancy measures.

On-site and remote services include room bookings/ scheduling and room management components designed to improve more efficient use of boardroom facilities equipment allocation and cost center management. Our team will generate room usage reports, and other information eg. no-shows or non-starters and compile the relevant billing information.

1st line diagnostics repairs also forms part of the on-­site service offering, which is an enormous cost saving when it comes to repairs and maintenance, virtually eliminating the need to call out a 3rd party technician at additional call-out fees. By having your own on-board technician able to perform “on-the-spot” 1st line repairs and maintenance for all audio­-visual, voice/video conferencing and room management or room intelligence systems will save your company time and money.

Our remote management suite, incorporates using technologies such as FUSION RV across a V-LAN or MPLS architecture enables us to control and receive status and feedback from every device in the room, from audio-visual systems, to video conferencing systems, lighting and displays. The system also sends out alerts (i.e. lamp times), reminders (i.e. service due dates) and integrates seamlessly with Outlook for room scheduling purposes.
The FUSION RV system ensures (for example) that equipment or lighting is not left on unnecessarily overnight and enables us to assist users from a remote location by turning equipment on/off and switching input sources and running online diagnostics.