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Ubi was originally founded and incubated at the Technical University of Munich and the Center for Digital Technology and Management in Munich, Germany. We found a new home in Seattle when we were selected by Microsoft as one of the eleven promising companies, who were chosen from all over the world to be part of its first accelerator program. During this program we developed and perfected our technology making use of the close technical and business guidance from Microsoft.

Luidia believes that focusing on user needs and experience allows us to create products that break down the barriers between people and technology. We have a close network of educators and business partners that help test and provide input throughout the development process. Make any flat surface interactive in minutes. Your whiteboard, your cubicle wall, even your glass tabletop—can be interactive in minutes with eBeam Edge and your existing projector. Directly interact with anything you project, and share the results with local and remote colleagues.

Hitachi Solutions Ltd. is one of the leading companies in the IT service and software industry. Its Interactive Media Solutions Division has gained a reputation as an innovator in hardware and software products for interactive communications, delivering innovative solutions founded on the most advanced technologies in the market. The company provides a full range of innovative solutions including interactive whiteboards and displays, as well as software solutions for free-hand annotations and teleconferencing. The main application sectors are education, business, training centers and emergency services.

Windows 8 combines the fun of a tablet with the productivity of a PC, and the InFocus BigTouch amplifies that beautiful, fast and fluid touch experience for your shared work space.

Windows 8 Pro experience on a 1080p touch display, run all your Windows apps, even the older ones, in touch mode, highly customizable for your needs and your PC applications, Intel Core i5 processor with fast solid state hard drive. Wireless mouse and keyboard included.