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MediaSight is a New York based software company that develops DC Media Digital Signage software. At MediaSight Inc. we focus on producing quality and innovative Digital Signage technology that makes digital communication easier to do and more cost effective to operate. DC Media is built on 13 years of experience and technology development, our customers benefit from robust and flexible product with an architecture that ensures ongoing expansion and development of the product.

MagicInfois used to display multimedia content on Samsung large format display screens. Samsung LFD has been a leader in the digital signage market for the past years. Samsung digital signage software is supported by a global network of distributors and partners. Samsung software solutions are used in a wide range of applications, from single Samsung Bulit-in PC signage to networks of hundreds of built-in PC Players worldwide. The software is simple to install and easy to use.

Minicom's portfolio includes advanced media distribution and management solutions based on cutting edge technology. Minicom is a recognized leader in providing innovative and comprehensive solutions to the ever-growing challenges and requirements of the Digital Signage industry today. Among our customers are leading brands around the world, such as Six Flags, McDonald's, The Premier League, CinemaxX, Toys 'R' Us and Carrefour and Credit Lyonnais.

EZ-Stream is a report design and database integration software application that allows you to display information coming from a dynamic data source on your MagicBox system without having to re-type or re-enter your information. Using report templates, database queries, and ethernet networking, you can completely automate the process of displaying information full screen or in a crawl region.